Playguide: Sound of Sinking.


What am I supposed to do?

  • Use your mouse to guide the character, Warmy, and let him go to the deepest level.
  • Defeat surrounding creatures, and eat the remnants to raise up your own Warmy.



  • Hold on Right Mouse Button to Accelerate
  • Hold on Left Mouse Button to Charge (release to shoot bubble)
  • Hold on A Key to Show Current Depth
  • Hold on S / D / F Keys to Show Warmy's Parameters
  • Push Space Key with Holding on ESC Key to Load the Saved Data


How can I go to the deeper level?

  • Touch the Green Gem to go to the deeper level.
  • Touch the Red Gem to go to the shallower level.


How can I defeat other creatures?

  • Use the left mouse button, and you can shoot bubbles.
  • If the shooted bubbles are hit to the other creatures' head, you cause damage to them.
  • On the other hand, the other creatures' bubbles are hit to Warmy's Core, Warmy is damaged. When Warmy's HP gets to 0, you have to re-start game from the shallower level.


How can I raise up Warmy?

  • The other creatures drop the Experience Gem when they are defeated.
  • Eat the Gems to get XPs, and Warmy grows up (get one more body).
  • The color of the new body is changed according to the colors of Experience Gems that Warmy eats (for example, Warmy gets Red Body when he eat many Red Experience Gems).
  • Hold on D / F keys to show Warmy's body colors and XPs.


What is the defference between colors?

  • You can get more parameters below depending on the body color you get.
  • When you get the same color sequently, you can get much more parameters.

          Red : ATK
         Green : HP
         Blue : DEF 
         Yellow : ATK, HP
         Purple : ATK, DEF
        Water : HP, DEF


How can I save / load game data?

  • Game data are automatically saved when you go to the defferent level.
  • Push space key holding on ESC key to load game data.